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Homebrew Computer Club
meeting at SLAC Auditorium, 1979

from "Fire in the Valley, The Making of the Personal Computer" by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine, 1st edition, page 92.
McGraw-Hill, which says the picture is courtesy of Lee Felsenstein, didn't ask me to use my image, and I didn't ask me to use it either ;-))

The person standing, addressing us, is, according to the book, "Gordon French, one of the founding members, addressing a meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club in 1979."

I am the serious guy, with the beard, in the right center of the picture, at the end of the arrow.

This is an enlarged picture to aid identification of the guilty ;-))

Paul Laughton writes (June 2008)

I am the guy in the row behind you. At the end of the row. With his finger in his eye. My wife (a geek) is sitting to my right.

Len Shustek writes (June 2008)

... I think I see Bob Marsh: fourth row from the back, with his chin in his hands. Also maybe Marty Spergel, fourth row from the back on the right. He was the "junk man" who threw microprocessors and rams to the crowd.