About federal (and Nike) Color Standards.

On Feb 2, 2017, Brad Hayes < bradhayes463@gmail.com > wrote:
[Here is the] federal standard color spec 595A
As for the number FS 14087, it breaks down like this:
The 1 = Gloss, 2= Semi Gloss, and 3 = a flat finish.
Your M-816 wrecker truck is 14087 if you are going to get the rust busted and primed at Maaco......if you are just going to make it look ok ? buzz it down cursory , go to Home Depot, get them to mix four gallons of 24087 in a semi gloss with the exterior house paint "Behr Marquee" and spray that pup!
     Since stuff handles better under static conditions for display work, with a gloss, esp out here in Hawaii.... We will roll with shade FS 14087.
Aloha Nike men!

So all US Army vehicles and equipment pretty much from the 50s to almost the eighties is a semi gloss OD, shade FS 24087.....

Another handy thing is that ALL gvt vendors that do paint will have the federal color shades in their paint mixing computers. takes the mystery out of getting the right color.
When you look in the painting instructions or markings manual for any vehicle or aircraft you will see where they call for a FS shade to paint.

On the stuff here at the flightline, we use all FS colors. Home Depot has the FS colors in their computers.....so does sinclair and any other paint people!

So buildings are shade - - - - -
all your Army trucks are shade 24087 (most vehicle collectors go with 14087 for the shiny look.

The Nike hercs are probably 17925 "Insignia White" with a 34087 OD booster cluster. Im making that up based on the pics ive seen and my color knowledge.

Even all the buildings are going to be some specific shade. Dig thru the docs and Ill bet there is a spec for the shade. ;)

Your vans interior are a FS color called "Sea Foam Green" Cant remember the FS number off the top of my head.

If you have a shade and you need to know, or have a question, yell at me. I have the FS color fan for 595B....its got most of the carry over colors from 595A.....which is what you guys need for the 1960's!


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