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Current pictures of F-45 Launcher area
Medical Lake outside Spokane, Wa (Fairchild AFB).

by Marc Spurgeon, June 2008

As you can see, the curious part of the site is that the owners have excavated the backs of all the launchers and installed overhead doors all the escape hatches are unlocked and all the magazines are dry.
Guard shack at the entrance Note the houses behind
Arming building berms are gone but building is in good shape
Generator building
Guard shack at launcher site.
View of all elevators looking North with Arming building in the background
Doors are in relatively good shape.
Ladder down to magazine from the escape hatch note the lack of flooding
Elevator & doors overhead dry as a bone!
They had excavated the west side of the launchers and installed overhead doors. You can see the waterproofing material in the foreground.