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Nike (the missile) Folk Art

The following images were taken by Ira Montague in the two underground magazines of B-73, Lincoln/Wayland, MA. Suggested by Betsy Moyer. Each is about 230 K bytes

There was lots of "mysticism" about this semi-official mascot of Army AntiAircraft. The red eyes are from eye strain induced by watching the radar scope way too much. Being a techie, I thought I was above such tom-foolery and didn't listen, but some folks really enjoyed telling tall tales about the critter. If you e-mail me what you have heard, I will help spread them.




"Panic Button"

"Sailing Dreams"


Panic Button

Ken Fraser, February 2004
For those who wonder about this 'wall mount' I shall try to explain.

This is the elevator system backup manual multiple push button control which is used when the single master push button system fails.
Counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from top to bottum:

1. doors open
2. doors close
3. elevator up
4. elevator down
5. ? maybe activite an alarm? ??
6. master switch to energize 1 thru 5. (maybe)
I think when this assembly had to be used, 6 was turned 180, 5 swiveled down to lock in 6 and then exposed 5 button pushed to bring in a relay which energized 1 thru 4. 5 and 6 were fail safe.
1 is pushed for doors open (gravity utilized)
4 is pushed to raise the elevator (pump on)
3 is pushed to lower the elevator (gravity utilized)
2 is pushed to close doors (pump on)
This is a "Must Follow" sequence.
This is a hydraulic system.
I'm getting a headached.
Ken Fraser.
ps - I might be off a button or two, but not much.

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Started February 18, 2004
Last updated February 21, 2004