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February 19, 2004 :-))
April, 2004 :-))
May 23, 2004 :-))
July 22, 2004 :-))
MacWorld, Jan 2005 :-))

baby update :-)) February 19, 2004 :-))

The vital statistics - 11:36 AM - boy - Mason David - normal :-))
The following images were taken about an hour after his birth.

Look at that :-)

Gina's 1st sushi

Randy with Mason

First shower :-(((

He was not immersed

More sushi,
not bad :-))

On heating pad :-)

The 3 Musketeers :-)
And would you believe I forgot to take a picture of the 2 happy grandmothers?

And I didn't get a picture of Gina with the baby
because the hospital staff wanted to keep Mason on the heating pad,
even though they let Randy hold and walk around with him,
and a hospital person gave him a little shower by sprinkling water on him.

Maybe the hospital staff was worried that placing a helpless infant

- on top of a fatigued, sedated, mommy
- on a narrow electric bed with no side rails
just might be an accident waiting to happen.

Ed (1st time GrandPops) Thelen ;-)))

P.S. (added morning Feb 20) Randy says that he and Gina are really happy with the Kaiser hospital staff. He said the pre-natal care and training was excellent, and the staff during the birthing stay was universally very friendly, attentive, and helpful.

Oh - and Randy reports that Mason is definitely connecting with Gina.

April 2004 :-))

Pictures taken by ???

Gina & Mason


Mason & Randy

Mason & Randy

May 23, 2004 :-))

Well - Mason is doing fine, and Gina and Randy are ... surviving ;-))

Time for more pictures, and Gina figured this camera (FujiFilm FinePix4700zoom) must have some movie capability - and it does :-)))



Gina, Mason, Randy

Gina, Mason, Randy

Mason & me :-))
movie of Mason & Randy

movie of Mason & GrandPop

And would you believe more pictures? ;-)) by Mommy, friend, pro?

Mason - 3 months

laBreaTarPits - 4 months
Daddy and Grandpops were at Shingle Town star gazing

Mason - 4 months

Mason - 4 months

Mason's first MacWorld, January 11, 2005 - he is 11 months and into machines already ;-))

Mason & Daddy

Working on resume

HI BOSS :-))

Mason & Daddy

A very long day!
Mason went to MacWorld in Moscone Center, San Francisco. He went with Daddy Randy, Uncle Edward, and GrandPops. Talk about
"3 Men and a Baby"!

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