Acquisition Radar Antenna (LOPAR), expanded

This is the basic acquisition radar, the only acquisition radar for the original Nike Ajax, and the lower power supplemental radar for the later Nike Hercules sites.

It's range was over 130 miles, and it was "easily" transportable.

The marked locations are:

  1. Main electronics and drive motors. Contained the:
    • Transmitter - 18,000 volt power supply, modulator tube, magnetron.
    • Receiver - TR tube (Transmit/Receive tube), local oscillator, and detector diodes.
    • Drive motors for rotating the radome. Speeds were 5, 10, and 15 RPM

  2. Rotating radome - contained the antenna which was adjustable in angle.
    The angle could be raised for nearer high targets or lowered for distant low targets.

  3. The "L" band wave guide coupled the radar waves from the antenna feed horn with the circular wave guide in the rotating collar. Near this is the slip ring assembly connecting non-radar frequency electric power, controls, and sensors.

  4. The right hand support rod for the "Identification Friend or Foe" (IFF) antenna. The IFF antenna, electronics, and operations tend to remain classified, and are not present on the site. The left hand support rod is not marked.

  5. An antenna used to help sense and counter certain forms of jamming.

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