Drawing of Acquisition Radar Antenna (HIPAR), expanded

This is a drawing of a "HIPAR" radar used by the Nike system.

It is taken (permission granted) from


Air Defenses of the United States Army 1950-1979
an introductory history and site guide

by Mark L Morgan and Mark A. Berhow

available from
"Rings of Supersonic Steel"

following comments by Milton B. Halsey, Jr.
(curator of the Nike site)

HIPAR Antenna on a 25-foot Tower with Geodesic Dome. On this site, the high-power acquisition radar (HIPAR) was once located. This HIPAR radar scanned the horizon out to a horizontal range of over 100 nautical miles and up to a vertical range (altitude) of over 148,000 feet (over 28 miles) searching for incoming hostile aircraft. Once hostile aircraft were detected, data on their course, speed, altitude and location were passed electronically by computer and other electrical means to the target-tracking radars, while the HIPAR acquisition radar continued to sweep the horizon searching for more targets. This radar, its 25-foot tower and the geodesic dome have been removed leaving only the gravel area around the radar and the footings of its tower.

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