Abandoned Radar Site (view from TTR tower), expanded

This is a view northward from radar tower (5A) toward radar tower (5).

Objects in view include:
3 Previous location of 25-foot tall HIPAR acquisition radar tower.
4 HIPAR acquisition radar control building.
5 Target Tracking Radar tower.
5A Target Tracking Radar tower floor surface. Note the white ring on the floor just inside the white fence. This was where the geodesic dome contacted the floor.

Note the pads marked 0. The three legs of the target tracking radar rested on these pads.
These pads are supported by a concrete tower inside of the main tower and are not connected to or touching the tower floor 5A.

The main tower supports the main floor and the geodesic dome. These units are pushed by the wind and affected by differential heat expansion due to the sun. The inside tower (and radar pads) is shaded from the wind and sun and are much more stable, especially relative to level (a vital reference for accuracy between radars).

The tracking radars were frequently checked for being level (perpendicular to local earth's gravity) and checked for boresight (alignment telescope axis parallel to the radar beam axis). These fundamental alignments were the most important and drift prone at a new site.

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