Battery Commander's View of the World, expanded

This is where the battery commander sat. This version of Nike had 2 big radar scopes. These scopes displayed data from the "acquisition" radars that went round and round. One for the HIPAR (more powerful longer range radar) and one for the LOPAR (less powerful, shorter range but somewhat more flexible radar). The acquisition radar operator sat in one of these two chairs.

Also note the two plotting boards. The large one showed the top view (looking down over a large area. There were two plotting pens. One always showed the position of the plane being tracked by the Target Tracking Radar, and one showed

Lights indicated which pen was tracking what.

The smaller "altitude" plotting board (to the right) also has two pens. Both displayed time to intercept on the "x" (horizontal) axis. The left pen showed the target altitude and the right pen showed

Time in 10 second intervals was indicated by jogging the pens up and to the right. Launch was indicated by jogging the pens down and to the left.

The telephone operator could sit just to the right (out of the picture).

Gotta have a little fun

Brenda Make (a Nike game writer) with her finger on "The Button". Ed Thelen in the background

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