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Florida site information,
C Carter's current Battery Roster for 2nd Missile Bn 52nd ADA 150 K bytes .pdf
Reunion 2nd 52nd ADA

HM-01DC Richmond AFS
HM-01,HM-03 Opa Locka/ Carol City
HM-40 Key Largo
HM-65,HM-66 Florida City

HM-69 12 WSW Florida City - Everglades
HM-80,HM-84 7 NNW Homestead
HM-95 Southwest Miami
HM-97 West Homestead, Homestead AFB
HM-99 West Homestead, Homestead AFB
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2nd B, 52 ARTY Ted Swanson is compiling a list if it's personnel here. .
. Truman, Eddy, Worked in Hq company for the 8/15 & 2/52 groups worked in S3. A Col was our senior offier as noted by the s3. Came in as 71B30 only one the knew how to type, as E2 left as E3.. made trips to sites for security team..mainly as helper and driver. Enjoyed my time at Homestead AFB with the Army in my position. Only would visit the sites never stayed there, would sometimes drive guys back and forth only when needed and helped evacuate when hurricanes were going to hit south Fla. We had 2 I beleive nothing serious..I also had the chance to work or observe I guess on the towers while in the test mode..a real experience. Hope someone from my time is reading this. - then went to Naples, Italy 1/66-9/66
HM-01DC Richmond AFS .
. .
-- Ordnance Support Christopherson, Daniel D., SP4 Nike Test Equipment Repair 22L20. 124 Center St. Vermillion, SD 57069 - Supported the firing Btrys fixing DX items in shop. Salt water air caused interesting corrosion problems, especially to gold plated cathode ray tubes. From South Florida they sent me to Ft. Wainwright, AK in February. What a change! 4/68-2/69
-- Logistical Hill, Dennis, E-5MOS 35F20 - Third U.S Army Logistical Support Group (TUSALOG); specializing in Nuclear Weapon Electronics Support (Special Weapons) 19324 - 65th Place NE, Kenmore, WA 98028 9/67-9/69
-- HQ 47th Arty Bde Whitlock, Darrell D., Asst S-3 CAPT - 2609 West Messick Loop, Round Rock, TX 78681 6/69-12/69
-- 31st ADA Brigade Zynski, Michael, Great duty. Ran the SIDPERS function for the HQ, SGT, 16K20 8/74-10/75
Opa Locka/ Carol City
Charles Carter's web site Sept 2009 - C Battery
. Aplin, Robert L., SFC, 24Q, Maint. Chief, IFC. Went to Baumholder and was appointed to Warrant two days after arriving and then went to B 2/56. - 4016 Blueridge Pl. N.E. Albuquerque, NM 871117/74-8/76
. Ballard, Steve, 16C, C-2-529/72-11/73
. Bambauer, Edward (Ed), Left Opa Locka site for 1st Infantry Division, 3/7th Field Artillery, in Vietnam. 8/68-7/69
. Barrera, Leonard J, - 21666 Highland Knolls Dr, Katy TX 774505/71-4/72
. Beltran, Manuel (Manny), 16C20 Target tracking radar E-5, - I spent my entire duty at the Carroll City Site along with a hand full of other friends. My home town was Hialeah, Fla. (5miles away) so I was a radar operator who commuted to work every day. Made some great friends that I would like find some day.6/68-12/71
. Carter, Charles D., Independent Military Historian and Subject Matter Expert on The Cuban Missile Crisis. 4/63-4/64
. Conner, Nathan, Sp/4 Gen Maint Motor Pool. Came by train from Bliss 5761 s.w. 17 st Plantation Fl.10/62-8/63
. Croll, Larry, 16C20 E-4,E-57/74-1/76
. Dandeneau, James, Spent some good times here. Met my wife there. lived in Hialea. Remember Peak, Sheaks, The WAB, and First Sgt Simmons. Had a ball!! 5/77-11/78
. Davis, Michael R., Fire Control IFC. Started 8/60 then longest troop train (troops plus equipment, to cross Southern Pacific Rail lines, to South Florida, for the Cuban crisis. - left 5/63 from Miami Miami was great after stand-down from Crisis. Mom & Dad managed hotel on Miami Bch. Need I say more. Site was in Carol City Fla. in N. Miami area.
follow-on sites,Waldorf Md.(NG), Niagra falls, NY(NG), Hinesville Ga.(RA), Site 5, Futema (MCAF), Okinawa.(RA), Departed AirDefense, as a SP5, Radar Maint.Supv., Ft. Monmouth NJ. Originally,1960 - 1964, Fire Control Operator, 2nd RA tour, 1964 - 67, Fire Control Radar Maint.
- 801 Buccaneer lane, Manahawkin NJ. 08050
. Dawe, James L, SGT, Ran the PX, Section Chief, Worked in Assembly - 15107 Liberty School Rd Marion, IL 62959/74-/75
. Gabbert, Mike, MOS-24P20 Acquisition Radar,IFF,ECCM maint.10/71-7/73
. Gudell, Daniel M., I had a lot of good friends that were at this site. Gave a lota grief to the Co. which I apoligise for.01/77-06/78
. Hammon, Ron, E 4 16C remember a few names, Losey, Sleasman, Waldrop, Bonfanti.Lived off post. First day at unit someone suggested Opalocka Villas.Anyone remember those old barrack type places? horrible. Got an apartment in Hialeah next to stable entrance to the track.Rode dirt bikes past the main gate into the waste area beyond the unit.Remember all the clubs on 27th Ave and of course biscayne blvd. Happy hour at the local GO-GO joints.Lt Tole was BC at the time. SSGT Tierney was my sec chief.Wanted to ETS there had an offer from Western Electric but DA levy sent me to Germany B-3-71 03/68-01/69
. Hatcher, William, 16B 04/74-04/76
. Hicks, Ernest, Reenlisted for Crypto school, Ft. Monmouth, NJ8/64-12/64
. Hoehne, Donald W., Lt Daubenspec (sp) OIC - unit shipped out to White Sands 10/3/70 to 12/6/70, tent city, moved many times, no notice before move out to Homestead and planes to Biggs Airfiled, Tx. - Postal address: 68701 7/70-12/70
. Kobelenz, Jack, ordnance parts specialist5/63-3/65
. Kutcher ,George C., Sp4 24Q—16C MTR operator (ojt) - Pittsburgh PA. 5/74-3/76
. Lawrence, Ronnie, Worked in IFC, BC Van Acq. Opr. cross-trained on MTR & TTR 9/68-9/70
. LeGendre, Michael, SP-5, Assembly, 16B 2/74-9/75
. Lockwood, David L, SSG 24Q - 8013 NW 76th Terr, Kansas City, MO 64152 5/75-8/76
. Maher, Timothy, 34082 Avocado Drive, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 - I was a Military Policeman assigned to security with about 8 other MP's. I left to go to Fort Bragg, NC assigned to the XVIII Airborne Corp. I wanted to jump. Capt. Walter Brown was my first commander. I didn't like him much. Capt Craig Strickland took over command. He was a righteous dude. First Sergeant Francis Simmions wat the best first sergeant I surved uner. Hin son Sgt. Sawar Simmons was a good friend of mine. I enjoyed my time there alot, but I wanted to go Ariborne. I was in from October 1976 until April 1986 having served with the 3rd ranger battalion 75th infantry at Fort Benning, GA as a medic. Until recently I was a medic with the 20th special forces group, Florida National Guard. I our of the military as of now. 4/77-9/78
. Maphet, Dave, 1/75-9/75
. Miner, Gary, Sp4, Launcher Crewman Mobile Training at Ft Bliss, McGregor Range SP4/SP5 After closing two sites I was sent to Florida. The site didn't close but we became mobile when McGregor unit reduced. D Battery went to McGregor for mobile training. I found a cottonmouth in middle of the launch are circle road when doing daily(s) at D Battery. We pushed the air compressor the opposite direction to avoid the snake. I spent Sep-Oct at McGregor. When promoted I was sent to D battery to balance slots. 2nd site: 4th Site, D Battery, SW Miami - SP5 I worked at assembly, received mobile training (again) in March/May, swamp fires burned throughout the summer, then ETS. - Belton Mo 1/71-8/71
. Maxson, Rick, PFC-SPC Fire Control Crewman 16C20 Computer/Switch Board2/73-3/74
. McKeand, Ray, IFC/CO Clerk. /66-/67
. Milburn, Ken, Spc-4 TTR op. Loaded and rode the train from FT. Bliss. Sat at Homestead while the sites were selected. Was at the Everglades site the day Kenedy was shot(my fathers Birthday, and we are from Dallas). Planted three palm trees, one of which was still standing 6 years ago surrounded by homes.10/62-10/64
. OConnor, Dan, E-5 Military Police Dog Handler, In Charge of Down Range Security. US Army 1970-1973. Lived off Base Opa Locka. Would like to find anyone I was Stationed with. Would like to find what MP K9 attachment I was in. Any Patches. James "Dewey" Holloway was my Friend back then, lost contact. - 65 Lewis Blvd./73-/73
. Peake, Edward T III, Spent my first 2 years in Herc here. Sorry Cpt. Strickland for the motorcycle incident. Stayed out of trouble untill I was discharged in 1985 (spent 2 years in Patriot after there was nowhere else to go!) Patriot was not for me! No place like Herc!/78-/79
. Perkins, Cy, PV2 to SP5, 24U, assigned to the Assembly section. 9/74-2/75
. Rigney, Roger, SP-5 '74
. Schmidt, Frederick, 1st LT, IFC plt ldr, XO and BC. On duty the night the Pueblo was captured. A scarry night. The first and only time we installed arm plugs. My voice quivered when I announced "battle stations" instead of the drill "blazing skys or stars"-I can remember now. I still stay in contact w/Lt Ed Bambauer and Lt. (now Gen. ret.) Harold Timboe.11/67-8/69
. Sell, Clarence, With the exception of training, I spent my entire enlistment [here]. Met some great guys there, and a few strange ones. While I didn't know it then, it was the time of my life. I guessing that was true for many of us when we were in our early 20s and really just becoming an adult. I remember some lousy duty assignments like KP and guard duty at post one (front gate). In those simpler times, I thought everyone was either considered a head (just doing your enlistment) or a lifer (planning on making the Army their career).
Does anyone remember the S.N.O.W.T.I.M.E. (Snap Norad Operational Weapons Testing Involving Military Electronics) Story? It was about a test run with the Air Force where they used E.C.M. Electronic Counter-Measures to jam our radar. And how our E.C.C.M. Electonic Counter-Counter Measures were not very effective against the ECM ants. They used pictures of ants in the story to help us dumb soldiers understand how the ECM would bother us (on the radar). I think it showed we were only able to shoot down 10 or 20% of enemy airplanes using ECM. It really made me wonder why we were even there. I also remember that the Herc's top speed was only about 2500 MPH, and reading about planes that could fly faster. Shortly after my time, Watergate helped the rest of America learned not to trust our government. I learned our government should not be trusted between 68 and 72. Thanks C Battery!!!
3204 Woodside Ave, Graham, NC 27253
Comments from Ed Thelen
  • - I was in Nike 14 years before Clarence - possible ECM seemed totally ignored then.
    - a discussion starts here.
  • - about 1960? the "T-1" trailers were sent to defense areas, which provided various levels of challenging ECM to train IFC crews.
  • - heard later stories of Air Force games against Nike
    - Nike (designed for high altitude defense) did fine against high flying targets
    - HAWK was designed for low altitude defense - I have not heard stories about these
  • - never heard of pictures of ants as portraying ECM - real ECM is much different.
  • - the Soviets had nothing comparible to our mach 3 Black Bird SR-71, and mach 3 does not bother Hercules - or later Soviet missiles - on an approaching course. (There were areas where the SR-71s were not sent, due to this risk.) Ability to acquire early, launch in time, track and pull g's are the critical defensive items.
. Simons, Gerald, 16B20, 16c20 PFC 11/64-5/65
. Strickland, Craig, I commanded the Carol City site from 1975-1979. and closed the site in April/May 1979. We moved it to Ft Bliss McGregor range in 1979./75-5/79
. Turner, Larry, After school at Ft. Bliss. SP6 Radar Mechanic, - Web Site 7/70-7/71
. Williams, Steve A, Tracking Supervisor (Sp/5)Target Ranging Radar. Was stationed at C Battery for three years. Still live in Florida Retired Detective/Criminal Investigator, St. Lucie County Sheriffs Department. 05/65-05/68
HM-40Key Largo
Charles Carter's web site Sept 2009 - B ? Battery 2/52
. Bauza, Phil, Crazy place and people!!!! I swear I saw monnkeys when I was on guard duty....1/76-7/77
. Carrasco,Christopher A., "e-4.{ missle crewman [b.f.f.i. boy[brute 4ce & flippin' ignorance...rail ape]}. h2o survival school @ homestead a.f.b.. best duty i had" - north carolina9/74-12/75
. Carter, Charles D., Independent Military Historian and Subject Matter Expert on The Cuban Missile Crisis. 6/65-12/65
. Chase, Arnold, 24P20 and served at McGregor Missile Range for two months then was stationed at Key Largo Florida 69-71. Our unit came up to 12 hour status and almost got shipped out to the Gaze Strip. Our Nike unit had a dual mission and went back to McGregor every year to practice.
While at HM-40 I resurrected the photo dark room in a broom closet and did a lot of B&W enlargements. One of my favorites is two 8x11s forming a panorama of radars. Also got some color shots from a small plane that one of the guys from the unit rented one day. I could scan these and send them along if you guys want?
At my desk here at work on my book shelf I have HiPar high voltage power diode that has a copper finned heat sink 4 ½” wide and 3” tall. I remember one of the guys, a less experienced 24P20 had the HiPar High Voltage cabinet open troubleshooting with his hand to feel the heat and pulled an arc through his body leaving burnt spots on the floor for each rivet in his boats. He survived but I never wore my rivet bottom boots again and luckily we had just got issued new all rubber soled boats after the glades fire between the radars site and the missile site.
I also remember Kent State when they took most the guns away, except the inner security guards at the missile site, and issued everyone baseball bats to defend ourselves. Also had to ride up to Homestead AFB in a OD buss wearing civilian clothes…
It was nice being close to a couple yacht clubs as we could work there occasionally for a few extra bucks and real good food. Even got to go out as an observer during a sailfish contest.
. Christopher, Clark L., Closed the site and went to HM97 - P.O. Box 166 Trabuco Canyon, Ca. 92691?/72-?/73
. Coogan, Jack, XO, 1st Lieut. Everglades then Key Largo /64-/66
. Corey, Craig P, We got tired of Monroe Co Deputies using radar on "our" road and hung the T-1 in a tree behind where they would lay in wait.(T-1+MTR=FRIED speed radar) 01/75-10/75
. Crawford, Elmerine, Great duty station and good people to be with - "Heaven"3/73-8/74
. Curtis, Tom A., Barn Rat, 16B20 E5 We had surface to surface nuclear capabilities - 944 Elizabeth Road10/68-1/72
. Elliott, Dwayne, E-4, had a lot of fun, met a lot of good people. Worked for Sgt. Johnson. My last six months we were taking the missiles apart and rumors were that the Chinese had bought them. - 654 37th Ave N. St. Petersburg, FL 33704 01/78-08/79
. Flowers, Ed, Pit Rat, Panel Operator, Driver of 1970 454 Corvette, 1968 Road Runner. Many good times and lots of racing. Loved it. 8/71-4/73
. Hardy, Vic, MTR operator, Spent almost 4 years at the Key Largo facility, met some great people and still have mostly fond memories of the duty. I was envious of the technician who could read schematics and actually tinker with the electronics. I ordered a course from the Cleveland Institute of Electronics from a CIE salesman who actually trucked down to the gate to do cold calls at the site. It inspired me to go to college and get my BSEE (Electrical Engineering). I now work for Boeing as an electronics manager on the AWACS program. 4/68-12/71
. Harwell, Jerry, Spc. 5 MTR operator, roome with Vic Hardy for a while.8/68-2/72
. Hines, Phil, 5/71-2/74
. Hoehne, Donald W., Went to Fort Monmouth NJ and became instructor at Signal School. ETS 1/75 - Postal address: 68701 12/70-3/71
. Hoffman, Thom, PFC, 16B fresh out of training at FT. Bliss. Remember the climate transition from the cold desert mornings to the heat and humidity of S.Florida, and especially the long black snake slithering across the 2-lane road approaching site. Spent most of my year in guard towers, KP, and learning how to do minimal damage to the NH's in the barns. - Minot, Maine 042586/68-7/69
. Huddleston, Chuck, IFC repair Tech When I got there, the battery was located at the entrance to the everglades. It was set up there when it relocated from Johnson Island where it was test firing the nuclear warhead. I believe that this battery is the only Nike battery to ever fire a nuclear warhead. We lived in tents until the new battery was built and then we relocated down the road to Key Largo. I remember we were really happy to live in the buildings (even if they were pink colored)instead of tents. We experienced hurricane Betsy while we were there and I remember that we were the first site back in action after the hurricane. It was terrible to open up the "sealed" back of the radar on the towers and have water run out of the compartment. Had to do a lot of fast cleaning, chassis replacing and adjustments. - Fort Worth, Texas11/64-8/65
. Jones, Ed, Loved the Location but not the bugs or the antenna's being on towers. Anyone remember Steve Shoenfelder and one bad weekend in 77 or 78? - 710 Tierra Del Sol Apt b Carlsbad, NM 88220 6/75-4/77
. Keenum, Donald E., Pfc 16B20 - Some of us still remember the BIG EVERGLADES FIRE that came so close. 9/68-8/69
. Krystel, Phil, 8/72-6/74
. Lail, Ricky, I was a 16Bravo Nike Herc Missile Crewman at B Battery until I was Honorably discharged in 1978.11/75-6/78
. Layman, Robert J., SGT. Missle tracking radar. I was able to visit the site for the first time in 35 years via the park service. Site is very overgrown with vegetation and trees. Radar towers and admid buildings are still there along with the old IFC area. - 8775 SW. 213 Lane Miami, Florida 3318911/75-12/78
. Ludlow, Tom, Like Rick Markko said, muscle cars, drag racing. Cut a hole in the Butler building for an auto shop,darn 65 GTO always needed a new motor. Pulled it down range with a deuce an a half an swapped motors with the missle assembly A-Frame many times. Hardy and Oconner were the original instigators of all things cars. Lots of good times until levied to Korea. 10/71-5/73
. Mandeville, Paul, 52B E-6 /74-/75
. Markko, Richard J, SP5-Asst. Section Chief-MOS 16C-On site BX Operator BX stands for Base Exchange. We had a small store on-site that sold all the stuff we needed like beer, snacks, beer, toiletries, beer, cigarettes, beer and other assorted sundries. Because we were attached to Homestead AFB, and there were no Army posts available, we used Homestead's Base Exchange. We made regular trips to the AFB to purchase stuff and resold it on site. It was a good time and a great source of extra income. The BX operators sure were popular folks on site! - Our site had a large number of muscle cars. Due to our remote location we were able to conduct regular drag races between the admin and down range areas. That was cool! - 301 Cavalry Road, Carlisle, PA 17013-1608, 717-422-5445-h, 717-243-7855 x124-w04/71-11/04
. Moore, Len, MRT Operator4/68-10/69
. Peyton, Louis, AD Msl Assy Tech (221B) CW2 Good assignment, good people to work with. 7/68-6/72
. Portnoy, Ronald, SP5, Acquisition Radar Operator 9/70-1/74
. Reynolds, Gary, Sp5, LCT Operator, 16B205/68-11/71
. Simmons, Keith, sentry dog handler - Roseau, Minnesota 5675112/73-1/75
. Sutton, Ron, Assistance squad leader in missle launch (wasn't very good at that) as an E5 just out of the infantry and to the Nike missle system. It was a great experience and would like to meet others that served during that time. - 865 w. river st. Deerfield, MI. 492385/65-8/67
. Sykes, Robert L., IFC Technician WO1 to CW2, Retired CW3 8/75, 7455 S. Hulen St #110 Fort Worth, TX 761334/67-10/68
. Vickroy, Richard N.(Vic-Max), I left Foxtrot I went to Florida again. HM-40 Key Largo B Battery 2-52nd. I spent a year there and got sent to Alaska to work at Poker Flats Rocket Research Range for the University of Alaska. Left there and went to White Sands Missile Range working in Research & Developement on Upper Air Sounding System for Atmospheric Sciences Lab. I was the only 24Q3R in the United States Army. R designator was for research and developement. - 116 Race Track Rd. New Hope Al 35760 4/77-/78
. Walsh, Chuck, I was a young army trained tech who worked on Lopar and hipar radars for a couple of years. We attempted to move a whole Nike battery out into the desert at Ft Bliss in 1979, and I helped decom the site in Key largo. I was there as Nike sang it's sad swan song. -79
. Whitaker, Jim, Lt., see Cuban Missile Crisis, how I grew up in a hurry in October 1962.
also see site history
Florida City - Everglades? 1962-1965 - moved to HM-40
Charles Carter's web site Sept 2009 - B Battery
. Carter, Charles, Left to relocate B Btry to Key Largo permenant site. Remained there until discharge in Dec 1965 5/1964-6/65
. Reder, George Edward II, When we set up in the glades I got a place south of Florida City which was the closest to the site. Who did they get first when trouble happened [?], you guessed it,me. I did'nt mind though, Herc was my profession {like job} and I loved it. I was super spec five here and the warhead expert [ask Lt.Whitaker]. I hauled around gators like suit cases and caught the biggest timber rattlesnake I've ever seen. Holding tail in one hand and head in the other his belly touched the ground. Big snake. We caged it at the LCT and named him DYNAMITE. Col. Smith up at Homestead was not too hot on our pet/mascot, and ordered it removed from the site. So I put him east of A Section accross the six row concertina where he came from. Never saw him again. - POB 241663, San Antonio, TX 78224-8663 /63-/64
12 WSW Florida City - Everglades National Park,
Charles Carter's web site Sept 2009 - A Battery
National Park Service - HM-69
Nike Herc at Wings Over Miami
. Acord, William L., - 222 2nd St.; Beaver, WV 258131/70-4/71
. Baker, George Paul Jr., SP-5, Trained and functioned as 24Q20 Fire Control Mech., also functioned as 23G20 Improved NH Fire Control Mech. - 1018 Laurel Avenue, Denham Springs, LA 7072608/68-04/70
. Bianchi, Anthony J Jr., Maurice Strickland "Strick" and I arrived at the site together after doing basic and advanced training together although we didn't know each other previously. We were both MP's at Post 3. I spent most of my time there until around July or August 73 when I moved to the orderly room to be a clerk as they were shorthanded and were desperate for anyone. I loathed being out at Post 3 as it was mind numbing boring and felt as though my brain was rotting. I told them I could type and they belived me. It was about 10 words a minute with mistakes. I eventually got better but then in Jan 1974 I got perturbed by the promotion list, had a meltdown in the orderly room and the acting First Sergeant, SFC Cox promptly transferred my butt back to Post 3. Not a good career move on my part. To keep my sanity I bowled a lot and was on the Battery team that competed at the lanes on Homestead AFB. Got transferred to Panama the beginning of April 1974 and Got out in July 75. Life is Good. - 1062 Ballston Lake Rd, Ballston Lake, NY 1201912/72-3/74
. Byrd, Dan, Sentry Dog Handler - The A-2-52 site was so new the only personal there were Dog Handlers. They had not moved any more personal in yet! When I first arrived I was the 1st of the enlisted personal that I can remember. I was put up at the AFB Barracks and trained there with AF Handlers. I went out to the site only a couple of times, as there were still workmen there then toward the last of June 5 more handlers came. We then went to the site, but had to go back to the AFB to eat. We lived in the Ready Room for about 2 weeks? If I remember right as the main barracks weren't ready yet? I am not 100% sure. I have only a couple pictures me there.
The wanted the handlers to walk the dogs so they could get use to being in the swamp is what I was told by a AF Sgt. ?? Back then you just did what you were told. - then I was sent to Vietnam.
. Carter, Charles D., Independent Military Historian and Subject Matter Expert on The Cuban Missile Crisis. 4/64-6/65
. Daniels, Rodney, generator operator launcher section/68-/69
. Decker, Thomas E., Launcher Crewman / Ass't Section Chief - A Bty, 2/52 Was with the battery at the temperory site and moved to the preminate site in the "hole in the doughnut". 10/64-7/67
. Dillinger, Tom, Pvt2,16B10 "rail ape". Enjoyed my time there painting rails,mowing,guard duty ,KP and more guard duty.I stayed there 10 months and was transfered to ARADCOM Hq at then Ent AFB ... I'm retired and living in Colo Springs.I see Cheyene Mountain everyday and am proud to think that the ADA did make a hell of a difference years ago. 1966
. Dungan, William S. (Bill), 16B20, E-5. luncher area, to security section, permanent Sergeant of Guard. I loved the duty while I was there. 7/77-5/78
. Eckelman, Scott, This was my first assignment. I was the Fire Control Platoon Leader and then XO, plus a bunch of others. I remember the mosquitoes the most. Also, this was when Nixon was having serious Watergate problems and came down to visit his advisor/friend BB Rebozo. We had to be at full alert most of the time he was there which pissed us off to no end as he mostly came during holidays. We used to practice surface to surface shots using BB Rebozo's house as ground zero.12/73-9/75
. Ferrell, Kenneth R., Sp/5 IFC Mechanic for Mr. Van Ornam & Mr. Miller. Bought my 66 GTO while I was there,wish I still had it. Yes,we were soldiers and we were young. Can't believe the responsibility I had at age 19. Those were some fine days that I did not realize at the time,that helped build character. Maint. crew was Swanson,Doyle, Steinmetz and me. John Lapatina SFC,in charge for short time before leaving.1/67-6/69
. Forgey, Steve, Started as their TTR operator. Ended up the Tracking Supervisor. We were a mobile site so our annual trip to Mc Greggor range to fire out lasted over a month. We had to haul a complete site out into the desert, smear grease and sand all over it and make it operational. Lt. Sczspanski (West Pointer) was our BCO. We fired out that year highest RA Battery. I remember, we trained/qualified BCO's from other Batteries... They'd come out with their hands shaking and complaining that we didn't give em time to think... Zero second target locks. :) - Newark, Ohio3/71-6/72
. Harrison, Sandy, Launcher Platoon Leader, BCO, and LCO. Also worked part-time on BN ORE team for a while. Promoted to 1LT while at the battery. John Szczepanski was the IFC Platoon Leader (passed away last year). Lots of fun in the everglades. 9/71-9/73
. Hewitson, Greg, ` IFC 16c 3/76-5/77
. Kane, Keith, - 29162 iris drive big pine key,florida 33043-
. Little, Marlin, 16b launcher crewman e5 - 1 n. fenwick rd memphis tn. 3811110/70-5/74
. Lockwood, David, SSG 24Q - 8013 NW 76th Terr, Kansas City, MO 641522/74-5/75
. McClure, James, A-Section Launch crewman SP4 - 2502 Springdale Ct. Kokomo, Indiana 46902 1/69-1/71
. Neal, Michial C, fire control9/77- 6/79
. Marcelle, Stephen, ACQ. Radar Mech. 24P20 - Short stay here as the unit was de-activated that year. Sent back to McGregor Range. Broke my foot playing frisbee!!3/79-6/79
. Norris, Rick, Acq operator 7/70-12/73
. Powlas, Dan, SP4 Launch Area Crewman Lived in tents at the temporary site in the middle of tomato fields right next door to B Brty. We moved to the permanent site in the Everglades several months before my discharge. Great times in Homestead and surrounding areas. Great friends like Truman Hill, Billy Swiger, Tucker, Randy Parton , Sgt Westmoreland and many more. - Melbourne, FL 7/64-8/65
. Reffitt, Mike, PFC M.P. assigned to physical security. Plenty of snakes, gators, and mosquitoes.We were deactivated in the late part of May and I was sent to Ft. Bliss. Actually we were stationed out at Mcgregor Range. Thats when we mounted all the equipment on trucks and made a mobile unit out of it. We were the first Battery to go to the field as a mobile unit. What a dissaster. 110 degrees in the shade.We lost half the unit the first day to heat exaustion and the other half the next day. But after we became climatized we did ok. A lot of both good and bad memories. my ets. April 8110/78-5/79
. Rhamy, Tommie, MTR & ABAR Operator 16C10 SPC4. We were actually in the Everglades National Park. Lots of mosquitoes. Great duty station. We used to watch Cuba on the ABAR Radar. One time we caused a fake launch when a new LT was at the controls he ran outside and looked up in the sky because he really thought he launched a Nike Missle. Helped the park rangers fight forest fires. Had to wear a net over our helmet to cover our face from hoards of mosquitoes on guard duty at night. Loved to go to the Florida Keys and fish and camp on our weekend passes. Drove a 1968 oil leaking gas hog Ford and had a blast. I would like to hear from those that were there with me. - 6008 Brewster Chapel Rd Hunginton, AR 72940 10/68-01/72
. Rollins, Rodney, 16B10, Later 16B20 SPEC 4 Launch Crew - I once hit an gator on my dirt bike. No problem, I was young and going to live forever. - 325 North End Ave NY,NY 10282 /70-/72
. Strang, Richard, SP/4. PLL clerk in charge of inventory of all parts for fire control area and missiles. At the time we were the "show battery" for Amry air Defense. People from the pentagon, joint chiefs of staff, etc. would visit us to see a Herc Battery. We were the only battery of four that was able to ever maintain HOT status for a week. Had a UFO incident down range in 1969. Army and Air force brass came and conficated all our radiation detection equipment, as we were using it to monitor the radiation patterns left by whatever. They gave it back after a month. Like going to work in a zoo every day.6/68-7/69
. Sutterfield, Thomas W., Good times. Yes, I also remember the big fire in the everglades that came so close. - 820 Hampton Ct, Weston, FL 33326/68-/69
. Swanson, Theodore L., SP-5, 24Q20 Fire Control Mech.,23G20 Improved NH Fire Control Mech., 1012 Crane St., Key Largo, FL 33037 - Maintenance Chief that along with the great crew earned the first 3 of 4 "E" awards. We fixed the "Missile Tracking Problem" at the live fire at Ft. Bliss and "Bullseyed the Drone" instead of the caculated miss. Some very mad Air Force Generals until they finaly figured out what we corrected. Fixing radars in the Everglades summer nights. Spray down with two cans of bug spray till uniform was wet. Punisment for whatever Pvt. had goofed up that day was to go out and be my helper at the repair jobs. Getting pealed off the ziper door of the cloth dome on the missile tracking radar one night when I stuck a volt meter test probe in a turned on (fortuntuly not up) magatron. All they heard down below was the loud POP. Shut the whole system down and raced up the tower to find me splatered at the door way. Very lucky that night. Throwing rocks "gernades" at a squad of misplaced Marines that got shangied to be a invading for ce during war games. They had real blanks and we got tired of yelling "bang - bang", so decided to use our "rock gernades" from the top of the radar towers. That plus the snakes that they ran into was very effective. We got high marks on that war game. Getting stuck on "HOT" status for New Years 1967, finaly getting off on 4 Jan and not finding a bar that wanted to put up with us untill we stumbled into the "Last Chance Bar and Grill" Most of the site persononal were there, and the owner decided why not - ordered a bunch of food, broke out the New Years stuff and had a party. We ended up drinking most of his old dusty stock to depleation. Got a standing request to always come back. 11/66-8/68
. Swingly, Richard "Dick", Left due to ETS as a SP4E4. Have a lot of good memories2/63-11/64
. Thomas, Ken, Enlisted as 63B wheel vehicle mech. Worked as engineer. Wish Iwrote down some adresses. Always volunteered to mow the lawn (swamp) with the old international tractor. Dry season, we kept the grass about 4". Rainy season, we kept it at 4" above the water. I still miss my 68 Camaro (orange w/ black rally stripes). Had it about 3 mos. ...blew it up, bought a junk motor and couldn't afford another. Lost it!6/74-6/76
. Vallely, Daniel , 16B, Spec.4 Lived on base. Transfered to Germany in 73. I still have very strong feelings for the place. Visited the place twice in the '90's. Attended the National Historic Places registration ceremony. It was strange driving my POV up the the door of the missile barn - Scotia, NY 10/71-11/73
. Vickroy, Richard N.(Vic-Max), I was one of SFC Rockwell's Rangers-newbies fresh out of school -worked for Mr. Bird & Mr. Farris. I was there when Lt. Eckelman showed up with his brand new 240Z & his HP Calculator. No more Log Tables for surface to surface ORE's! He had to hide it from the evaluators. I didn't see any other names that I knew from those days though, where are all the people at? - 116 Race Track Rd. New Hope Al 35760 4/74-3/76
7 NNW Homestead .
. Mandeville, Paul 52B E-5 1975
. Miller, Frank, IFC Radar Maintenance. Sp/56/64-12/66
HM-95Southwest Miami- mobile, from Ft. Bliss 10/62
Charles Carter's web site Sept 2009 - D Battery
. Dixon, Byron, Assembly and Service Section aka A&S, Most A&S shops had a Warrant Officer and 3 24U (Nike Herc Electronic Maintenance). 1977
. Davis, Gary A, D/2/52 - retired CW3 1987 - PO Box 789 Pahrump Nv, 89041/79-/82
. Gifford, Roger 16C20 FCC Target Tracking Radar Operator 9/68-12/71
. Hunt, John, 24P20 HIPAR and LOPAR mechanic, - Mesa, AZ10/70-01/72
. Keenum, Donald E., SP/5 16B20 9/68-8/69
. Kelley Jr., James H., An outstanding site to finish my tour of duty. I was there during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Three of my team mates and I were bowling at Bird Bowl down on Bird Road on day when three police officers went to the front desk asking questions. The clerk pointed to us and they came over and said "Are you from the missile site up the road?" When we said yes, they said "Get in yours cars, follow us, and don't slow down". When we got back to the site doing over 95 miles an hour the birds were up and we went screaming into the launch area, left our cars running, and ran to the missile launch area. Great memories! - 542 Farber Drive Adamsville, TN 3831011/70-7/71
. Maphet, Dave, Operated acq radar, Was 17 years old when stationed there. 4/74-9/74
. McAulay, George, Herc Fire Control Maint. 24Q20, AN/MPQ-T1 Radar Signal Simulator 24Q30 10/70-10/75
. Miner, Gary, Sp4, Launcher Crewman Mobile Training at Ft Bliss, McGregor Range /70
. Sandoval, Tommy, 10/78-5/79
. Sanger, Ronald Sp/4 Launcher Platoon Fire Pannel Operator /Cubin Missle Crisis 60-63 - 2545 anita dr dover,pa 17315.60-/63
. Santomasso, John A, Nike Hercules Acquisation Radar Mechanic (24P20) ... could [I] get a roster of the guys I was stationed with, in order to make contact. ... [also] training with at Fort Bliss. I graduated in the class 24-P-20, 2 of 69. ?69
. Seay, Billy S., A section,spc. 4, emergency firepanel operator. October 62 Cuban Crisis, Moved to Florida. I was down range when Kennedy was killed. 759 Harris Henrietta Rd., Forest City, NC 2804310/62-/64
. Shoemaker, Phillip, 16C20 - LOPAR and occasional ABAR; later, Battery Clerk (I could use a typewriter)12/69-8/73
. Turbeville, Jackie L., Tomato Patch - Guard, K.P.,Switch Board/Packed up-Moved to Permanent Site-AR,MTR, TRR-EWPB-Switchboard. - Re-up May-66: ... /March 1968 Vietnam: 68th Assault Helicopter Company Promoted E-6 N.C.O.I.C. Avionics Detachment, door gunner, ready reaction platoon SSgt.DROS-March 1969/E.T.S. May 1970 - 2217 Jackson Heights Dr. Sebring Fl. 338705/65-5/66
. Whitlock, Darrell D., XO/Btry Cmdr CAPT - 2609 West Messick Loop, Round Rock, TX 78681 9/67-5/69
. Willard, Ted, launcher asst. section chief .
. Wood, James, 16c20 IFC abar hipar operator at D,2,52 Homestead Fla 9/68-12/71
HM-97West Homestead, Homestead AFB .
. Brown, Ted A, (he gave bad e-mail address) Launcher Crewman 16B10 Sgt - 141 dogwood circle jacksonville al 2/76-10/68
. Christopher, Clark L., Hard to imagin that all these places are turning into dust. Boy am I getting old.. - P.O. Box 166 Trabuco Canyon, Ca. 92691?/73-?/75
. Gaither, Ken, I was a missile Crewman B section. I remember Sgt. Westmoreland,E5 Fred Cantu, E4 Thurman Hill from Tx., Tucker from Al.Sgt. Henry Ford,. I also Pulled Gate Guard, gave Classes to new Recruits, I worked under Lt. Marsh. 972-896-4163- I live in Princeton Tx.2/64-5/65
. Melson, Gary, E3 - 186 Stevens St. Itasca Texas 760551/75-7/75
. Moberg, Dell, This was my 1st assignment after AIT. I had just gotten married and we moved here. I met many great men and would like to know where they are now. I was a 24P. 8/71-8/71
. White, John, 122 Glen Avenue, Elmira, NY 14905 2/66-7/67
HM-99West Homestead, Homestead AFB .

Nike Herc at Wings Over Miami - from Ted Swanson
This one is only 8’ tall – the real one is 5 times larger at 40’ at 10,000 lbs. and flew at 3.65 the speed of sound. Both radars are at 1/5 scale the same as the big missile. (LOPAR rotates at slow speed)
Small missile is 4’ at 1/10th scale.

Sergio Cruz and Harry Pillot in front of Nike Hercules display.
Guest speaker from NASA – Russell F. Romanella, former director of Safety and Mission Assurance

Wings Over Miami - Shoot For The Stars event organized by Sergio Cruz who was awarded a scholarship for his continuing education.

Nike Hercules HM-69 of the 2nd 52nd presentation by Harry Pillot (Nike Herc Volunteer) with help from Joe Wasilewski (73-74 “C” Military Police Dog Handler) and Ted Swanson (66-68 “A” IFC Radar Maint Chief)

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