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Goal of this page Provide a dated list of major changes & updates 2018
Feb 15 "World's first rotating store" Booth's First Drum

July 22 Gordon Bell hosts and provides continuity
    - presentations by Computer Pioneers: Part 1 (1935 - 1945)
    - Pioneer Computers Part 2 (1943 - 1953)

Nov 21 Professor Ron Mak's CHM Tour Quizes
Mar 22 Added a page with images of Computer "Trees" and timelines from Gordon Bell

Aug 29 added a link to "Fundamental Processes in Charge-Controlled Storage Tubes" from "RCA Review", Volume 12, 1951 - added Aug 2014, .pdf, 18 MByte
link is here
Aug 17 added link to Out of a Closet: The Early Years of The Computer * Museum by Gordon Bell, founder of the Boston Computer Museum, and trustee of the Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA)
July 26 added Doug Engelbart's Original Mouse

March 10 added Computer Development (SEAC and DYSEAC) NBS Circular 551
Jan 30 added IBM cards used round holes until the early 1930s, then rectangular holes off site, click "back" to return here
Jan 30 added A series of four articles on the NTDS by Robert Clinton, appearing in Jim Strickland's Volunteer Information Exchange, - relative to the NTDS at the Computer History Museum.
Jan 5 added U.S. Patent 2952276 Apparatus For Storing Trains Of Pulses Williams Tube Memory - 3 MByte pdf
linked from Williams-Kilburn Memory Tube

Dec 29 added "Who Invented the 80 column, Rectangular Hole Punched Card?" by Jim Strickland, 450 KByte .pdf HTML version
Dec 18 added for docent training in an older home for Computer History Museum - about year 2002 -
July 4 added Young, frisky, and learned to fix the IBM-650 from the manual
with the 5.2 megabyte .pdf of the IBM-650 service manual ;-))
May 23 added Comments on SAGE Jamming Resistance as part of IBM SAGE
Mar 17 added A Second Survey of Domestic Electronic Digital Computing Systems Ballistic Research Lab, June 1957 Report No. 1010
Mar 12 added Recollections of the SAGE System by David E. Casteel, Captain, USAF (ret)

Oct 20 added Maddida - a digital differential analyzer - 1950 - 2 MB
July 24 "A Second Survey of Domestic Electronic Digital Computing Systems", Ballistic Research Lab, June 1957 Report No. 1010 (2nd) (Table of Contents) .pdf, 8 MB
- Linked from here.
July 23IBM vs Seven Dwarfs, Why did IBM win?
June 23 link to "On the prehistory of programmable machines: musical automata, looms, calculators" Teun Koetsier (2001)
June 21 link to "The Development of PUNCH CARD TABULATION in the Bureau of the Census" 1890-1940, with Outlines of Actual Tabulation Programs - by Leon E. Truesdell, - a Google Book - 7.3 mega bytes
Apr 7 Video Clips - on YouTube - EDSAC, and IBM France (in French)
Apr 4 Out of a Closet: The Early Years of The Computer [x] Museum ( [x] can be either null or later "History" ) - by Gordon Bell - a history of one of the world's premier computer museums. Linked from on-line-docs.html#Museums-Curators
Apr 1Williams tube, Selectron, Radechon, Graphecon, Charactron from Tube Collector
Feb 15 yet another version how the Internet started ;-)) ALittleFun.html
Feb 11 added IBM 7090 documents from John van Gardner

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