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New Items and Updates

This list does not include "minor" additions/corrections nor changes to Nike People.

Activity of year 2016
Jan 17 Big addition of explaining radar displays and plotting board displays based on the Nike Simulation program.

Activity of year 2015
Nov 19 Added some slides from a presentation by the "Association of Old Crows" about radar jamming and spoofing to ifc_track.html#Track-T1
Nov 5 St. Louis Defense Area Nike Sites by David Novak
Sept 28 Ramiro Carli Ballola has sent much information on the digital computer and digitization of "off shore" Nike systems after 1974.
He also sent pictures of powered_up Battery control console and plotting boards and TTR consoles in Italy.
August 13 Added More work on the launcher
June 7 Added TM9-1430-253-14P_2_2 Nike Plot Pages 125 to 152
March 24 Added picture and data sheet for TTR Magnetron
Feb 24 Pictures of Early Nike tests at White Sands
Feb 21 mirror of J. P. Moore's RED CANYON RANGE CAMP web site

Activity of year 2014
Dec 23 added Army National Guard in Air Defense 51-74 - from Danny Johnson - 18 MBytes
Dec 23 enhanced Ken Bahr Docs mostly Surface to Surface development testing
and The 1974 digital conversion of Nike Hercules.
April 1 added Demolition of Bristol (PR-38) magazines 2.4 MB .pdf to Rhode Island
and Hawaii Army National Guard Nike Herc to the header of loc-h.html#Hawaii 2 articles, one expanded
March 2 added Tracking Antenna Base Pictures
Jan 12 added Pi, my adventures with a development board
Jan 6 added Nuclear Nike Launch Authentication Procedures - linked from Nike Operational information

Activity of year 2013
Dec 22 added General Electric - HIPAR Radar development pictures
Oct 24 added SF-88 IFC Area as of Sept 2013
Oct 21 added Italian web site and site museum (working launchers)
Oct 5 added Winged Victory - The History of the Nike Missile Training Program At Fort Bliss 48 pages, 7 megabytes
to Documents w/out numbers
Sept 8 added
    1) AADCP FM 44-8
    2) The Missile Master AN/FSG-1 FM 44-10
from Cory Newman
to Documents w numbers from Cory Newman
Sept 5 - Highlighting a Plot of Nike Intercept - altitude vs time
- New revision for Clinton Crane's Nike Hercules Missile Warhead Section
- New revision for Clinton Crane's Nike Missile Assembly & Service Area for volunteer docents at SF-88
August 31 Added Nike-Zeus operations in the Marshall Islands (Kwajalein). info.
August 4 Enhanced Analog Computer, adding more Surface to Surface info.
July 5 People thinking of donating Nike artifacts to NPS should read this first.
April 16 Nike Hercules Missile Warhead Section a docent's guide - 400 KB, by Clinton Crane
Mar 31 I may have been a little rough on an Army Ranger turned Nike officer, so have added Technical Officers - Air Force
Mar 4 Clinton Crane's - Nike Missile Assembly & Service Area for volunteer docents at SF-88, 820 KBytes .pdf, March 2013
linked from launcher_area
Feb 25 TM 9-1400-250-10/2 - A great introduction to the Nike Hercules system, in technical manual format - 135 pages, and also in smaller sections. (There is also a Tactical Control section)
Feb 20 Link to new museum, Isle of Wright, Va
Jan 13 Revised location info for IFC area of Nike site D-14

Activity of year 2012
December 30 added Lat-Lon of U.S. Nike systems and command structure sorted by Location
December 23 - then came Oct 2012, Hurricane Sandy - devastation :-((
December 14 added Amateur Seismology
added an unofficial (but readable and understandable) Nike site TO&E to Overview
October 8 added TM9-5000-15 - Computer Steering Section Circuitry - 6.8 Megabytes
September 15 added - TM9-5000-9 - Acquisition Radar Circuitry 13 MByte,
added further detail to:
- LOPAR Radar
- Monopulse Wave Guide Schematic
September 14 added TM9-5000-18 NIKE 1 Systems, TTR Transmitter and Receiver Circuitry - - complete, in .pdf format, part a 27 MBytes, part b 17 MBytes
September 11 added Launcher Control Trailer
July 29 added
TM 9-1410-1250-12/1(FMS) Intercept-Areal Guided Missile MIM-14A, B, C - July 1981, 88 MBytes - from Rolf Goerigk
TM 9-1430-1256-12/1(FMS) Check Procedures, Target Tracking, Target Ranging, Missile Tracking Radar Systems and Radar Test Set Group - Allied Configuration, September 1983, 28 MBytes - from Rolf Goerigk
July 29 added to MBARI Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute ( MBARI )
July 19 added to MOS (Military-Occupational-Specialty)
July 11 added to Crazyfornia
May 22 added Nike Site Support
added Items fron Ken Bahr
May 13 added Google Earth views of Korean Nike sites
May 8 added TOE 44-535T, 1959-TO&E, 753 KBytes, pdf, from Charles Carter
sorted the on-line documents
Mar 3 added TM 9-1440-250-10/2 Overall System Description, Nike-Hercules and Improved Nike-Hercules Air Defense Guided Missile System - December 1960
Feb 11 added PI-37 Photos as example Ajax site
Jan 1 added Why governor signs some `useless' laws to Crazyfornia pages.

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