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Antique People

Antique People - old foggies that is ;-)

Goal of this page
The old foggies are slipping away, OK, Seymour Cray got crashed into - and their stories and tales are slipping away also. So this is a bit of a memorial to the Goode Olde Dayze that were so interesting and bright. We were in the flower or cactus of our youth.

There is no way this list can be comprehensive

- I don't know near enough
- Topic way to large for a mere mortal, me
- Some interesting folks are not well published, and basically lost
- Life is too short and busy
but here goes, feel free to contribute suggestions

This list is divided into the classical (opposing ;-) camps of

but some people such as Konrad Zuse did interesting work in both, and will (hopefully) be listed in both. Others, systems people, could do both, and are glue to new machines, but were masters of neither, and are largely forgotten.

Order and contents of this page to be determined.

Qualifications to be listed - Luck, your press agent called me, I met you, you are so blindingly famous that even I heard of you, ... . Like I'm qualified and have the time to judge your skill, force and fame?

  • Seymour Cray, created the world's fastest computers for decades


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Started December 4, 2004