IBM 650 Notes
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IBM 650 emulation/simulation Notes

On 8/2/14 7:36 AM, "Bob Supnik"  wrote:

> I've looked at an emulator several times, as recently as two weeks ago, but I
> always get hung up on the variable "wiring" of the card reader/punch, which
> seems to have been an integral part of programming the machine. If the wiring
> doesn't matter, or there are standard transforms that particular programs
> expect, a simulator would not be difficult. The timing for drum-based machines
> was worked out with the LGP 30.

from Al Kossow 
There is a large collection of punched cards and documentation that has come
and is coming for the machine. It should all be sorted out once everything
arrives. Getting the cards read and cataloged is pretty high on my list of
things to do this fall and Paul has asked that the documentation be
inventoried since there were multiple sets of 70x drawings and he wants to
make sure that there is one set for SN #1 that he still has.	

from Ed Thelen
> PS Things to peek at ;-))
> Knuth -
> (tenth short video in a series :-))
> (eleventh is fun also :-))
> and some hits for IBM 650 emulation
> a limited Python implementation
> We have an IBM 1401 development environment, "ROPE". including assembler,
> and emulator. It is very handy and quite complete
> It can emulate a card reader, reading an ASCII file yet:-)
> printer, card punch, and mag tapes.
> - There does not seem to be an IBM 650 emulation in Bob Supnik's SIMH

from ???

from Robert Garner
Here's a charming article in the Stanford Magazine about Don, the 650, and his pipe-organ:

If you compare the old photo of him in front of a 650 to the photo of him in front of his organ, you can see the resemblance.

from Van Snyder
There does not appear to be one in the SimH package. There was a
working 650 at Sindelfingen. When the collection was moved to the IBM
Tech Center in Boeblingen, the 650 was sent back to its owner, who I
think is a museum in Vienna. I don't know whether it has been put back
into operating order.