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What is a correct name for the lady often called
"Ada Lovelace"? or "Ada Byron"?

Her correct name was Ada King, Countess of Lovelace

Michael R. Williams, author of "A History of Computing Technology" and contributor to numerous publications such as "Computing Before Computers", and former Head Curator of the Computer History Museum, (and a proud Canadian) wishes to state:
You mention ":Ada Byron". How about calling here something else? He father was George Gordon, the Lord Byron (ie "Byron is a title not a name - although he would have signed his checks as simply "Byron") Thus she was actually Ada Gordon - and had a title something like "little daughter of lord Byron" (I can't rmember what it was actually.)

She late married William King, and thus became Ada King.

King was later enobled, and given the title "Earl of Lovelace", so she became Ada King, Countess of Lovelace.

Thus her name was never "Byron" neither was it ever "Lovelace"

(William, like George Gordon, would have signed his checks simply "Lovelace" - and today the Bishop of London - like any British Bishop - would simply sign his checks "London" or "Bath" or "New Castle" or where ever he is bishop of).

(sorry for the rant - this is a pet peeve of mine)