Site SF 88

March, 2016

This issue’s cover photo comes to us courtesy of Ed Thelen. Greeley and Norton have certainly spent a lot of years hanging out in the Guard Shack greeting the thousands of visitors who come by Nike Site SF-88L!

Comings and Goings:

Alex Duncan completed his second tour of duty here in The Marin Headlands. Starting out as an Intern, and then this past summer and fall as a Seasonal Park Ranger. Alex has moved on to The Presidio where we wish him well and thank him for his great Interpt tours of the site. As we get closer to summer, a new Seasonal Ranger and a couple of Interns will be on board. I’m sure we all look forward to greeting our new arrivals.

Here is a recent photo of the gang before a recent Open House. I compared this photo to a photo I posted recently of my very first Open House. Glad to see us all here and keeping the story alive.

News Around The Site:

During the month of February, many of you may have noticed some special visitors we had around the site. I hear they ate and slept very well during their stay at the site. For those that may not be aware of what it is I am talking about, here is a photo of our visitors….

Nike Site 88L was invaded by goats for a month. It seems they enjoyed the menu and had a great time helping us controlling our vegetation issues at the site. With all of the recent rain, the goats certainly helped in keeping the site under control vegetation wise.

The preliminary study of converting the Generator Building to a Welcome Center/Museum has started. Jason Hagin, Historical Architect has been working on the plans to make this happen. As the project moves along, I will keep you updated on what is transpiring.

New doors for The Assembly Building and “A” Pit entry doors are moving along. Measurements have been taken, contractor selected and work begun. These improvements will go a long time in keeping the site functional.

The Dog Kennel supply building is also getting a facelift. It is in really bad shape, so this makeover couldn’t have come at a better time.

In the very near future I will be putting a call out for your assistance in getting the Generator Building cleaned out. There is a lot of stuff in the building, so we will need to take a look at everything.


March 16, Wednesday:

10 A.M. – 12 Noon

East Bay Regional Parks.

Rangers and Staff from East Bay Parks will be on site for a tour and a Q & A period. East Bay Parks contain several former Nike Sites so their interest in our site is high.

March 26, Saturday:

1:00 P.M.

Porsche Club

Tour of the Site

April 2, Saturday

Open House

April 22, Friday:

12 Noon

Sister City Organization

This group is from Mexico and is studying about the Cold War.

May 7, Saturday:

Open House

May 13, Friday:

Tentative, Subject to Change-9:00 A.M.


Nuclear Weapons Interns

June 8, Thursday:

3:30P.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Road Scholar


1:45 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.

Cupertino Senior


As more events come along, I will keep you posted.

July 2, Saturday:

Open House: also our 2nd Annual BBQ Event. Last year’s event was super successful and this year will even be better. I will give you all more info in the weeks ahead.


As I am sure you are aware, 2016 marks the Centennial of the National Park Service. As we celebrate this great birthday, The Marin Headlands will be hosting a very special Open House Weekend. The dates of the event are August 6 and August 7. As part of that special weekend, Nike Site 88L will be open both Saturday and Sunday from 12 Noon until 4:00 P.M. I am hopeful that many of you will join in this special celebration. As the time draws nearer, I will be furnishing more details about the event. Lots of great activities and events will be happening over that weekend.


To Tracy Neal, Volunteer Coordinator, Facilities Division North, for bringing several Volunteer groups to the site to do various tasks.

To Andrew Felton, Volunteer Coordinator and Lead Ranger, Marin Headlands for working with me regarding signs for the Nike Site. Andrew created a fantastic presentation for the GGNRA Sign Committee. Because of this presentation, the Sign Committee authorized our request to have Nike Missile Site on five (5) additional road signs and a brand new entry sign for the site.

To Greg, Alec, and Jerry

For getting the siren in the IFC to work and also working on some mechanical issues in “A” Pit.

To Clinton for all of his help in getting started with a Nike Site 88 Junior Ranger Book.

To David for his help with putting together a new introductory video for our visitors.

To Ed, Don and Gordon for being there when we need them!

To Amy Hoke for all of the work involved with having the goats at the site.

And to all who have been a part of the site.

More Shout Outs in the next edition!

Thanks to all of your contributions, Nike Site 88L remains an active and vibrant piece of our history!

Gee, wonder what Jerry is pointing at?

Going up?

Many thanks to Greg Brown for the photos!

Alec and Ranger Mike pondering “to eat or not to eat.”

Uh oh… I thought there was no fuel on board!

Even the Oozlefinch says:

Centennial 1916-2016

Al Blank

Park Ranger


Marin Headlands