Nike Model - "from scratch"

OK - someone else made the fiberglass and resin ;-))
from Alja Makuc

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From: Alja Makuc
Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2009 1:57 AM
Subject: colours nike hercules

My name is Alja Makuc, I'm from Slovenia. 
I'm making a 1:10 scale model of Nike Hercules together with my boyfriend. 
We are both members of the FAI and we are building this scale model
so we can compete at the European Spacemodelling Championship in Serbia 
this August. 

But we are having problems, because the blueprint is not accurate enough 
and we don't know which colours to use. On the blueprint it only says 
   white, black, olive green, ... 

I would really appreciate if you can give me the correct colours 
    in any of the colour scheme (RAL, ...).

Thank you soo much for the answer!

Kind regards!

Alja Makuc

I [ Ed Thelen ] am really no help,

being a techie, any color is just fine.
Just as long as the vacuum tubes and aerodynamics are right ;-))

So I forwarded the request to Mark Morgan,

as always ;-))

Look at the pictures that came back in an e-mail.

Heck, I thought I was daft for helping restore an old computer,
but old folks are permitted to be a little whakky - I hope -
I don't think Alja has that excuse :-((


And I think I am doing well to assemble a kit with some preformed parts -

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Originated July, 2009