Site SF 88

June, 2015

The days are still coming and going and we are reaching the halfway point of 2015.

A lot of behind the scenes work continues at the Site. 2015 has seen thousands of visitors at the Site ready to see and hear a very important story.

Comings and Goings:

The Volunteer Coordinator slot is still being filled on a Detail Basis. Currently, Lucy Scott is fulfilling that role. Lucy has been reaching out to all of you with questions and ideas. Please continue an open line of communication with her. She has a lot of great ideas and is anxious to learn about yourselves and the Site. I will keep you posted about the position in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you to Andrew Felton for a great job during his recent time in that position.

New staff at the Marin Headlands is on the way. We have three interns for the summer, plus one new fulltime Ranger and two Summer Seasonal Rangers.

Nora Killian has joined us as an Intern this summer. She will be working Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Jana Ng will be an Intern with us this summer working fulltime. Bowie Hagan, another summer Intern has also joined us and will be working at MAHE fulltime. Both Jana and Bowie worked as Interns with our Education program this past winter in The Headlands and are familiar with the area.

Michael Morales joins the MAHE team as a Park Ranger. Michael has been to the Site and is quickly learning all of the nuances of Nike Missiles and their story. Joining us for the summer season will be Kit Krupp and Alex Duncan. Kit has done a lot of work as a Volunteer at Battery Townsley and will be joining us in mid- June. Alex was an Intern with us in 2013. His passion for Nike Site SF-88 still burns within him. Alex played an important part in my transition to the site, also in 2013. Welcome to everyone!! It is going to be a great summer in The Headlands and Nike Site SF-88.

I also want to welcome back one of our volunteers, Bill Lawler. Bill has returned after an extended absence. Welcome back Bill, great to have you at the site.

GGNRA has a new Superintendent. Chris Lehnertz. Chris comes to GOGA from her position as Regional Director, Pacific West Region. I look forward to greeting Chris one day at the Nike Site. I know she will be a great leader for the Park! Welcome Chris.

Mia Monroe who was our Supervisory Ranger here in The Headlands as well as Muir Woods has moved on to a new position in Planning for Marin County. Hopefully, we will still Mia around every now and again.


Recently, a group of Park Service personnel spent a day talking about Nike Site SF-88. The purpose of this workshop was to create a vision for the Site and a five year plan on how to get to that vision. The workshop brought many interesting thoughts and ideas as regards a key victory for the site and the priorities to get to that key victory. I will be sharing some of that information with you at our next Open House. There is much to be done and recognizing what needs to be done is a main key. The workshop was very helpful in my opinion in meshing the roles of Interpretation, Cultural Resources and Facilities in preserving the site from both a structural perceptive and an interpretive perceptive. Nike Site SF-88 represents a piece of history that not only serves as a place of awe, but as a place to give relevant interpretation of the time. Remember, the Site is much more than a missile. The stories we tell keep our past alive! In the last edition of Nike News, I spoke of “relevancy.” So let’s remember that when we interact with our guests. What makes Nike Site SF-88 relevant? As part of this project, Susan Ewing-Haley has reached out to the Nike Volunteers to get their stories for an Oral History. Please allow us to get all of your stories to keep the site relevant and to keep the past alive.

Upcoming Special Group Tours:

June 20: Royal Rangers-11:00- group of ~25

June 25: Road Scholar-11:30- group of ~ 30

July 23: Road Scholar-11:30- group of ~ 30

July 30: Road Scholar-11:30- group of ~ 30

August 6: Road Scholar-11:30- group of ~30

August 16: Road Scholar- 10:00- group of ~25

September 26: 4H Club- 1:00- group of ~75

November 6: Sandia-9:00- group of ~30

More will be forthcoming. Many groups have been contacting me for tours.

Site Hours:

We are back with our regular hours of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12:30-3:30. With current staffing levels, I am hopeful of keeping this up through the fall at least.

What Is Happening At The Site:

As I write this newsletter, the Nike Site sinkhole is being repaired. The water pipe under the roadway was totally rotted out. It is being replaced and the road repaved. Thank you to Facilities for taking care of this problem.

Also thanks to Greg, Alec and Jerry for replacing timers and switches for the elevators. Thanks to Susan Ewing-Haley for getting us the parts.

John Ryan working with the contractors appears to have finally resolved our sump pump woes. Everything appears to be working in good order. Also John is working on a final solution for the stairwell doors down to “A” Pit. Thank you John!

July 4 is fast approaching. To celebrate, we will be having a BBQ at the site on that day. Festivities will start at 10:30. Please bring the family. Greg has graciously volunteered to bring a gas barbecue. Maybe even be head chef as well! The only thing I ask you to provide is dessert. Or a barbecue grill if possible. Traditional food will be served. Please let me know of any dietary requirements. The invitation is open to all who read this newsletter. Please e-mail me that you are coming and how many people. The deadline I have set is June 30 for responses. Let’s all take time to celebrate America and Nike Site SF-88.

My thanks go out to Greg, Alec, Jerry, Gordon, Clinton, Don, Ed, David and Bill for their great help during the past couple of Open Houses and also coming out to assist with many groups that we had. The Open Houses in May and June each had over 600 people in attendance. Great job by all!


As the National Park Service approaches it Centennial, remember to tell everyone to “Find Your Park.”

The "Organic Act" of August 25, 1916, states that "the Service thus established shall promote and regulate the use of Federal areas known as national parks, monuments and reservations . . . by such means and measures as conform to the fundamental purpose of the said parks, monuments and reservations, which purpose is to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations."

Al Blank

Park Ranger

Marin Headlands