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( Measurex Annual Reports, with lovely pictures ;-)

from John Gingerich's treasure trove of documents :-))

In 2013 John Gingerich, ex-Mx President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), e-mailed saying that he had about 25 years worth of Measurex annual reports and some other Measurex public documents, would I be interested in borrowing them.

For years, I have posted much air-ware ( "He said ... She said ... " ) about Measurex, with an occasional oral history and photographs. I jumped at the chance to get some "hard evidence" of the life and times of Measurex. :-))

While on his way to visit Dave Bosson across the bay, at the appointed time John Gingerich bounded in my front door ( he just CAN'T be that fit!! ) dropping off about 15 pounds of documents, a letter giving permission to post, and a self addressed stamped box for reurns.

Talk about First Class Service !! ;-))

Reminds me of "Results Guarentee" ;-))

The Annual Reports have GORGOUS pictures, and of course some interesting business and financial information.
The Annual Reports provide us with reminders of the many lines of business ( paper, pulp, building products, metals, plastics, rubber, electrical utilities, ... ) we engaged in, with pictures of our people, gauges and displays, also customer machines and products, to aid our memories :-))

People have a tendency to simplify things, including history. Measurex did not make a simple straight chart line to the top of the Matterhorn - did you remember that in 1982 we LOST money ?? - I didn't remember, now we have the annual report to remind us.

I am way too lazy to scan and post the over 20 annual reports, and I presume you are not THAT interested, in reading then all, no matter how fascinating they may have been when current -

Every 5th year annual report - starting with the first report in 1972

Hmmm - I'll scan some more :-)) Every 5th year annual report - starting with 1975

All of the available Measurex "Fact Books"

The above is almost half of John Gingerich's annual reports, and all of the other material.
It took me some time to "process", I trust it will give you a good time ;-))

Thanks much to John Gingerich for making this material available (and for the super service) :-))
Ed Thelen