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a quick glimpse of LA-43 in "Adam 12"

Also see Six Million Dollar Man - Nike Filming Location

> From: Kevin Hritz
> > Mr. Thelen:
> > I happened to  be watching the Season 5 episode of Adam-12 entitled,
> > "Suspended" on Netflix, and happened to see a quick glimpse
> > of a set of Nike site radomes in one scene.
> > I was able to do some screen captures of the video shots.
> > Would you be interested in seeing the still images?
> > I've attempted to identify this site from the photos,
> > to no avail. It may be Ft. MacArthur, but I can't be sure.
> > If you have a Netflix subscription,
> > you can see the shots of the antennas
> > starting at 10:52 into the episode.
> > Regards,
> > Kevin J. Hritz, W3QD
> > Wellsboro, PA



From Ed Thelen back to Kevin Hritz
> Yes - thanks much -
>     (I finally watched the correct episode,
>         Thanks for the time hint.)
> I am forwarding the PowerPoint images to some guys who
>      may be able and willing to say identify which site
>      that may be  ;-))
> My talents, if any, do not seem related to photo-recon
> Maybe a fun challenge for them  ;-))
> Ed Thelen


On 10/29/2010 10:29 AM, Thomas Page wrote:
> If the scene shows the top of San Pedro Hill, the radomes were 
> for the long-range radar facility there (joint-use Army / Air Force / FAA). 
>  The "LOPAR" would most likely be a tree top. 
> However, if the scene shows the southeast side of the hill, 
> it most likely would be Fort MacArthur - Upper Reservation, 
> and thus the Nike IFC site there.  The "LOPAR" would be just that 
> ... or maybe the TTR or the MTR? 
> I am copying a few other folks who might be able to provide a better assessment. 
> By the way, in a number of episodes of "The Love Boat,"
>  the radomes of San Pedro Hill AFS could be seen in the distance 
> when the ship was shown berthed at Long Beach. 
> -- Tom

From:	Hole In The Head Press 	 	 
Date:	Fri, Oct 29, 2010 11:45 am
To:	Thomas Page 
Cc:	Ed Thelen , Kevin J. Hritz, 
Mark Morgan , Mark Berhow , 
Doyle Piland , Scott Murdock , 
Ron Plante 

That's in about the 900 block of Paso del Mar in San Pedro.

That's the IFC and the HIPAR built on top of Battery Leary-Merriam 
      on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur.

San Pedro Hill is further to the north.

Sam Stokes, Publisher, KG6XYZ
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