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Located on two hills in the north shore suburb of Reading, 13 miles north of Boston, this site was used exclusively by Nike Ajax and was one of the sites taken over by the Army National Guard in 1958.

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IFC/ Housing Area


   Street Map of Site

Launcher Area

IFC  Bear Hill Street just north of the Wakefield line and Rte. 128 (I-95)

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LCA: 1.3 miles northeast of town center on Haverhill Street; Entrance was at intersection of Haverhill and Charles Street.
Housing- on Bear Hill

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Present Status
IFC: Condominiums
Launcher Area: Burbank Ice Arena. (781) 942-2271. Former entrance road is now called Symonds Way.
Housing Area was used by the Army until the early 1990s. Now private housing.


Dates of Operation

Nike-Ajax site. Active Army Oct 55- Jun 60.
MA ARNG Feb 58-Apr 62

Weapons Systems & Missile Load

Nike Ajax / 30 (10 per launcher section)
12 mounted on launchers (4 per launcher section)

Missile Magazines/ Launcher Sections

3 Magazines.
1 type "B", 2 Ajax

Nike Units

Btry B, 24th AAA Missile Battalion (Nike)
Oct 55- Dec 56
Btry D, 605th AAA Missile Battalion (Nike)
Dec 56- Aug 58
Btry D, 1st Battalion, 57th Artillery (Nike-Ajax)
Sep 58- Jun 60
Btry D, 772d AAA Missile Battalion (MA ARNG)
Feb 58- Apr 59
Btry D, 2d Missile Battalion, 241st Artillery (MA ARNG) 
May 58-Mar 62
Btry D, 1st Missile Battalion, 241st Artillery (MA ARNG)
Apr 62



Site Pictures

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