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Models of "Typical Nike Ajax Site"
Used for area training at
Ft. Monroe, Va.

Text and pictures from Ira Abbott, who helped make the models.

Group, Battalion, and Hq commanders viewing launcher Removable cover of a storage pit from the launch area model.
View of the model of the Control Area.
Control Area Model showing names of those who made the model. Sp3 is the grand nephew of the movie actor.
Detail of launch area. The launchers and rails were made of tooth picks and balsa wood by me, Ira Abbott. I also made the missiles.
Launch Area, the right side launchers can be removed showing the missile storage pit below.
Detail of launch area showing the launchers, missile assembly building, fueling and warhead area.
View of launch area with Lt. Huntzinger, Head of the Hq group of school trained specialist and Sp3 Fred Reiss
Class room with model. The panel showing missile system is one of several training aids behind wall that were on slides and used for training and VIP show and tell.

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Posted August 22, 2010