Dave Lion's Master Lock Photos & Comments

Jan 10, 2011

LaFarr Stuart had previously purchased some innovative Master locks that have the opening combination as a sequence of sliding a knob - up or left or right or down. Really different !!

LaFarr gave some to his curious (in many ways ;-)) friends, who gave the little things considerable attention.

For our monthly get-together diner,

  • Steve Winegarden had a spread-sheet with the 7,5xx available hashed combinations.
  • Dave Lion had his hacked open lock open for public dis-assembly & study.

    Dave Lion later sent e-mails with the following information.
    IMG_0420 a red bodied lock (still unmolested). Also available in black
    IMG_0421 front view of a butchered lock
    IMG_0422 top view of split case; shackle removed
    IMG_0424 front half of shell has been lifted off. The screw head inside the face plate engages with the center hole to input the code motions
    IMG_0432 The rectilinear motion plate is lifted off & flipped over showing 4 inner coding pins & 8 outer motion-restricting pins. The white plastic frame holds centering springs for the motion plate.
    IMG_0433 White frame is gone, plus 3 sets of coding gizmos. Each gizmo has its own axle with 2 separate plastic wheels forced apart by a spring. Also visible is the 4-pointed 'reset' lever which zeros all 4 coding gizmos when the shackle is fully pressed in.
    IMG_0434 A slanting view reveals the hash coding wheel on top and the 15-position code memory wheel below. These are normally pressed together and engaged by a 'dog' pin that fits into 1 of 15 pockets. The pin and pocket setting of each 'gizmo' represents the 'correct' hash answer that the human needs to achieve by entering the combination. Pulling the shackle will then cause the 4 shiny points to all rotate counter clockwise into their aligned side holes of each of the code memory wheel.
    IMG_0435 A good view of the 15-position code memory wheel. I added the blue line to highlight the side pocket. Ignore the orange bead.
    IMG_0436 Hashing & code memory wheels & reset mechanism are removed. One of the 4 axle pins for a 'gizmo' still remains. A spring-loaded thrust plate in the center would press upward to keep the reset lever touching the hash coding wheels. Another axle rod near lower edge is where a white plastic bell crank pivots to operate the 4-way reset lever. The black felt pen letters "L" & "U" indicate the motion of the shackle latching plate as it Locks or Unlocks the shackle motion (upward or downward in this photo).
    IMG_0438 Compared to photo IMG_0436, the 4-pointed metal jigger is in the "unlocked" position. This enabled the combo reset lever to be moved from the back side, the gray plastic cam ring to be rotated to the "code combo entry" position. The cam ring has 2 sets of 4 ramps to shift operating mode. In this photo the 4-pointed metal jigger has dropped onto 4 "anchor" pins to prevent accidentally rotating out of code combo entry mode. The 15-position code memory wheel also drops down by spring force, disengaging from the upper hash coding wheel but remaining engaged with the code memory wheels (representing "unlocked"). Now the shackle would be pressed to reset/initialize the hashing wheels, then a new combo would be entered.
    IMG_0439 Another view of the same situation as in photo IMG_0438
    IMG_0440 A spring-loaded thrust plate is gone from the center. Also the shackle latching plate
    IMG_0441 Down to the bare bones, the 4-pointed metal jigger is gone.
    IMG_0442 Three out of 4 of the hashing and memory wheel sets are reinstalled. The 4-pointed metal jigger is anchored in "code combo entry" mode. The memory wheels (as shown by my blue marks) are aligned in the "reset" state, ready for code entry via the front knob (up-down-left-right). After code entry, the code wheels will represent the "calculated" hash value. The gray plastic cam ring could then be rotated to the "combo protected" position, reengaging the code memory wheels with the hash coding wheels.

    Got it ?

    There will be a test !

    I have not carefully proof read these comments, but one or more of you will no doubt find mis-steaks.

    By the way ----

    Tonight (after Holders) I was able to easily install just 1 coding gizmo in the "down" direction), enter a 5 move sequence (right, down, right, down, right) and then lock and unlock the thing !

    Doing a full reassembly is more than I care to bother with !

    http://toool.nl/ ( three O's )
    near the bottom of the page you should find this text :

    Other publications

    . Michael Huebler: A detailed technical analysis (The New MasterLock Combination Padlock V2.0.pdf) about a new and unique combination padlockfrom Master Lock, named "1500iDCOL ONE" in Europe and "1500iD Speed Dial" inthe USA. And a visualizer application (MhVisualizer V2.0 p.swf) that will helpyou to understand the lock's mechanism even better. Both files have beenupdated for HAR2009 with some major enhancements and corrections.