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Subject: Phone, e-mail list of A Battery reunion attendees
From: "Jim Biles" (Add as Preferred Sender)
Date: Sun, Sep 19, 2010 11:50 pm
To: "Jim Biles"

Here's a list of reunion attendees [?from Ed Hanson ? there was an attached e-mail ] . (Jim Miller didn't get signed in until Thurs, so he isn't on this list). It was really a great time. Bravo Battery attendees were me, Chris Bryant, Jim Miller and Barratt Patton. Besides the A Battery reunion, there is apparently one for Charlie Battery also. If anyone knows of a B Battery reunion, please send me the info. Thanks.

I enjoyed talking to the A Battery guys as well because their experiences were similar to ours. One of them attended Cal Poly two years after I graduated. Small world (he used his GI Bill - I should've been that smart).

Next year's reunion is in Tucson, starting Sept 16th. Hope more of you can make it. Please give it serious consideration. It's an excellent experience. Jim

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Last First e-mail Phones
Babler Roger and Karen 608-558-7263
Beavers Charles and Linda
Biles Jim 760-219-6725
Bishop Robert 650-504-4677
Bobbit Wilbur & Sharon 903-262-4612
Bryant Chris 563-320-5206
Cargile Walter & Virginia 256-574-2488
Falkner Hal 831-594-6059
Grandowicz Robert& Cecile 419-205-7043
Green Ron & Juanita 303-884-6368
Hansen Ed & Penny 608-751-6292 608751-1096
Jones Doug 615-419-2819
Kulba Paul & Kathy 375-440-4046
Lord Leo
McDaniel Gary   
Patton Barret 815-327-1052
Peet Jerald & Phillis 319=213-3929
Poppen Paul 352-486-5750
Ruggieri Richard 401-954-3357
Saterfield Kennis 865-680-2192