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ABC - Computer
Recent Changes

Oct 25 added The Quest for Linear Equation Solvers and the Invention of Electronic Digital Computing, added Oct 2014 original .doc to Table of Contents
Sept 7 added another description and simulation of ABC

Jan 4Added ABC had a User

Mar 15Added ABC at Computer History Museum

November 3Added Debugging Computer History: My Summer with the Atanasoff-Berry Computer by Charles S. Shorb
October 14Added From the school of hard knocks
Sept 24Reworked pages and simulation software to *emphasize* INTEGER rather than floating point input, output, and scaling.
Mar 30Added Current Location and Status of the reconstructed ABC machine
Mar 21Updated ABC-Computer.html#GUI to:
- Execuitable code available to run on a PC under Windows XP
- BASIC source code available
Mar 15Added Atanasoff's algorithm a precursor to the CORTIC Algorithms ???
Mar 9Changed Graphical User Interface
- rotated bits of word to horizontal, more common presentation
- added which equations the operator reads and punches, with direction
- three speeds, step 1 bit, ABC speed - 1 drum rev/second, Fast speedvectors
Feb 26Mostly complete with Graphical User Interface
Feb 16updated spec for Graphical User Interface

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